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    + General Purpose Tools/Tightening
    + Cutting/Sawing/ Core Drilling/ Reaming/Gauging
    + Bending
    + Connection/Assembly
    + Inspection/Testing
    + Soldering/ Waterproofing/Roofing
    + Maintenance
    + Workstation
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    HONG KONG HEAD OFFICE: ( 852 )24108123  SHANGHAI OFFICE: (021 )5878 0503

    Fullyear > VIRAX > General Purpose Tools/Tightening
    1. 0170 : Adjustable wrench.
         Fixed jaw graduated in mm for presetting before use. Triple coating of nickel and chrome provides high corrosion resistance. Very tough. The moving ja...
    2. 0170 : Extra-wide opening adjustable wrench.
         ADVANTAGES:HANDY (1 wrench instead of several, gain of weight and space).ERGONOMIC (sheathed handle).ECONOMIC purchase (the extra-wide wrench is cheap...
    1. 2627 : Carpenters pencil.
         Professional quality pencil with a very hard lead, suitable for writing on all materials.
    1. 0140 : Chain wrench.
         Forged, hardened chrome vanadium steel jaws and handle made of a single piece. For use in confined spaces such as trenches.
    2. 0141 : Chain wrench..
         Forged, hardened chrome vanadium steel jaws and handles made of one piece. Double set of teeth allow direction to be reversed with the wrench...
    3. 0142 : Chain wrench.
         Reversible jaw with two sets of teeth in hardened chrome vanadium steel. Chain secured to handle at two points. Easy to handle, designed for use in...
    1. 2606 : Club hammer.
         Specially heat-treated impact surfaces for added safety and durability. Very secure fit. Hickory handle.
    1. 0116 : Strap wrench.
         For use where the surface of the parts to be tightened must remain unmarked, such as chrome pipes, connectors or tap fittings, as well as components ?-
    1. 28-piece display box of twin slip-joint pliers.
         Counter display box containing 20 pairs of 240 mm pliers (010924) and 8 pairs of 300 mm pliers (010930).
    2. 0109 : Twin slip-joint pliers.
        Excellent grip on all shapes . 7 settings, for very precise adjustment. Non-pinch interlocking handles
    3. 0110 : Twin slip-joint pliers.
         Simple automatic push-button adjustment on the workpiece. Hardened jaws. Ergonomic, non-slip handles.
    4. 0111 : Twin slip-joint pliers.
        Jaws shaped for gripping nuts and pipes. Large diameter cold-riveted pin prevents twisting. 7 position rack.
    5. 0111 : High definition comfort-grip slip-joint pliers.
         Jaws shaped for gripping nuts and pipes. Large diameter cold-riveted pin prevents twisting. 7 position rack.
    6. 0112 : Ideal insulated pliers.
        Grooved ratchet system preventing slippage for effective tightening. Plastic handle grips chrome-vanadium steel body. Straight jaws, very large capacity
    1. 5113 : Half-round file.
    2. 2203 : Fitting bar.
         For tightening nipples on cast iron radiators from inside. 18 mm square drive. Flat for engaging with the internal tabs of the nipple. Centring guide....
    1. 2605 : Riveting hammer.
         Specially heat-treated impact surfaces for added safety and durability. Very secure fit. Hickory handle.
    2. 2605 : Dinging hammers, round face.
         Specially heat-treated impact surfaces for added safety and durability. Very secure fit. Hickory handle.
    1. 3114 : Ring set of hexagonal keys.
         For hexagonal socket head screws.
    1. 0100 : "Swedish - 90 pipe wrench.
         90 head angle. Narrow parallel, tapered jaws grip nuts effectively. Easily grips thin materials. Non-pinch handles.
    2. 0100 : "swedish - 45 pipe wrench.
         45 head angle. Parallel jaws grip nuts effectively. Teeth fully surround the pipe so it cannot escape. Special notch for nut corner. Non-pinch handle...
    3. 0101 : Quick pipe wrench.
         To tighten quickly and automatically the pipes. By runing on the wrench, the jaws tighten the pipes very strongly. Capacity : 1/2 - 2 " (20 - 60 mm).-...
    4. 0104 : Pipe wrench "swedish"
         Teeth fully surround the pipe so it cannot escape. Pipe gripped at three points. Non-pinch handles.
    5. 0105 : "swedish- 45" pipe wrench .
         45 head angle. Parallel jaws grip nuts effectively. Easily grips thin materials. Non-pinch handles.
    6. 0106 : Chain wrench.
         Forged, heat-treated jaws for a powerful grip. Heat-treated nickle-chrome pin. Fast opening. Heavy-duty tool for securely tightening pipes in difficul...
    1. 2616 : Plug wrench and head.
         Plug wrench with detachable head. Essential accessory for our basin wrenches (2614), to hold the drain plug in place while tightening or loosening the...
    1. 0108 : Rack-type wrench.
         Easy to adjust. Toughened rack teeth. Special reinforced cast iron casing. Sturdy, wide-opening wrench.
    1. 2204 : Radiator step wrench with ratchet.
         For fitting the captive nuts connecting the regulating valve to the radiator. Short wrench for working on ribbed nuts and internal hexagonal nuts in c...
    2. 2204 : Radiator step wrench.
         For fitting the captive nuts connecting the regulating valve to the radiator. 18 mm square drive. Forged steel.
    1. 3350 : Straight model.
         The blades inter-penetrate to form a fold on the periphery of the pipe, reducing its diameter, and allowing consistent slotted joints to be easily for...
    2. 3350 : Long model.
         The blades inter-penetrate to form a fold on the periphery of the pipe, reducing its diameter, and allowing consistent slotted joints to be easily for...
    1. 2614 : Sanicrom?basin wrench.
         Basin wrench for nuts and connections on washbasins, bathtubs, sinks or bidets. 2 different jaws can be fitted onto the same wrench. Designed for tigh...
    2. 2614 : Reversible Sanicrom basin wrench.
         For nuts and connections on washbasins, bathtubs, sinks or bidets. Direction of rotation reversed by pivoting the jaw without removing it from the too...
    3. 2614 : Telescopic Sanicrom basin wrench.
         Basin wrench with 4-position telescopic handle for nuts and connections on washbasins, bathtubs, sinks or bidets. Min length: 280 mm, - L1: 340 mm, - ...
    1. 3418 : Tri-material screwdriver.
         Easy-turn screwdriver, with sliding thrust zone. Ergonomic high-torque handle. Non-slip, fast screwing action. High strength steel blade with sanded b...

           2. 3424 : Six-bit screwdriver.
         ADVANTAGES:NO BIT LOSS:  magnetic bit holder, all the bits are stored in the handle for safe-keeping and immadiate availability.ERGONOM...
    3. 25-piece display box of seven-bitscrewdrivers..
         Counter display box containing 25 seven-bit screwdrivers (342501).
    4. 3425 : Seven-bit screwdriver.
         All the bits are stored in the handle for safe-keeping and immediate availability. Very compact. Long bit-holder for difficult-to-reach screws. Fully ...
    5. 15-piece display box of torx screwdrivers.
         Counter display box containing 15 Torx screwdrivers (342511).
    6. 3425 : Torx screwdrivers.
         Large diameter handle: - Very efficient tightening and loosening action, - Excellent grip, - Impact and torsion-resistant.
    1. 3449 : Universal shears - straight-cut.
         For short lengths of sheet metal. Right, left and straight cutting.
    2. 3449 : Curved shears - Right-cut.
         For a clean cut, naturally to the right. For short lengths of sheet metal. E.g.: cutting curved outlines, curved sheet metal or sheet metal pipes.
    1. 2206 : Flange square.
         For measuring the squareness of pipe flanges prior to welding.
    2. 2206 : Bevel square.
         Used to copy angles.
    3. 2206 : Right-angle square.
    1. 0125 : Steel stillson wrench.
         Springs housed inside the casing provide an instant grip on the pipe and efficient self-tightening and ratchet-like action. Special heat-treated steel...
    1. 2629 : Rubber masons tray.
    2. 2629 : Italian trowel.
         Round and square model. Wooden handle. One-piece forged trowel.Joint-filler model. High quality, flexible, non-deformable hardened steel blade. R...
    1. 0135 : Viragrip in cast iron.
         The upper jaw is forged in heat-treated steel, equipped with 2 springs ensuring efficient self-tightening on the pipe and allowing ratchet-like action...
    2. 0136 : Viragrip in light alloy.
         "Duck bill shape perfect for working in difficult-to-reach places: along walls and floors, between pipes next to ceilings, etc. Replaceable lower jaw...
    3. 0137: Viragrip in light alloy.
         The upper jaw is forged in heat-treated steel, equipped with 2 springs ensuring efficient self-tightening on the pipe and allowing ratchet-like action...
    4. 0138 : Viragrip in Heavy Duty cast iron.
         High effort resistance.Viragrip pipe wrench, 6" to 48", for tubes of 3/4" to 6".Reinforced handle and head for use in extreme tightening conditions...
    1. 2639 : Wire twister.
         Essential for fixing steel reinforcement in concrete (e.g.: in mesh-reinforced heated floors). Provides significant time saving.

    Copyright 2002-2017 Shanghai Full year Internationl Trading Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved

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